Fret saws for wood crafts, saw blades for model making – which NIQUA saw blade is suitable for what?

NIQUA precision fret saw blades are available in many versions. That's why we're often asked which saw blade is best suited for different purposes. Unfortunately, this question cannot be answered in general. Which saw blade is right for professionals or hobbyists depends on the experience of the user and the specific project.

Criteria for choosing the fretsaw blade for woodworking and model making:

  1. How hard is the wood?
  2. What thickness is the wood?
  3. Which cuts or cutting thicknesses are preferred?
  4. What cutting speed is desired?

For thin wood, we recommend theNIQUA saw blades No. 2/0, 0, 1, 2, 3. Please pay attention to a low feed rate, as a saw blade with a thin blade can break more quickly.

For thicker wood, you should use aNIQUA fret saw blade from blade thickness no. 4choose. 

For cutting plastic, we recommend theNIQUA TOP CUT saws from No. 5. Lifting and cutting speed should be reduced to avoid the plastic sticking together again. 

What tooth pitch should the fretsaw blade have?

The larger the tooth pitch, the higher the cutting speed. A saw blade with a tooth pitch of 8 teeth per inch cuts faster than a blade with 20 teeth per inch because the long tooth spacing allows the sawdust to be removed more quickly. One of our fastest fretsaws is the NIQUA SPEED. model

What role do opposing teeth play when choosing a saw blade?

Counter teeth prevent the wood from tearing out on the underside. Depending on the sawing machine, the height of the table should be corrected so that 2 to 3 teeth are used during the upward stroke of the saw arm. This is not necessary with the NIQUA TOP CUT fretsaw, as every third tooth is an opposing tooth and the fretsaw blade therefore guarantees an absolutely clean and polished cut. 

Why doesn't NIQUA mention any specific applications for its fretsaws?

Many factors come into play when deciding on a saw blade, e.g. B. the type of workpiece, the skills and preferences of the user or the machine settings. If we specifically specified a special saw blade for a specific purpose without knowing the application details, there would be a great risk that the result would be different than expected. That's why we can only give recommendations as to which saw blade is suitable for which area of ​​application based on experience.

We will advise you on choosing the perfect fretsaw blade

If you wish, we will be happy to help you find the right fretsaw blade. Please use our contact form to tell us the details of your project. We will then give you the right fret saw blades from the extensive NIQUA range for wood crafts and model making. 



  • Hallo, ich säge im Moment einen Schwibbogen aus 4mm Buchensperrholz mit vielen engen Rundungen. Welches Sägeblatt würden Sie mir empfehlen. Ich würde mich um einen Rat sehr freuen.
    Grüße Hans Jürgen Maid

    Hans Jürgen Maid
  • Hallo, ich säge momentan Schwibbögen aus 4mm Buchesperrholz mit engen Radien. Welches Sägeblatt wäre hier für am besten geeignet? Über einen Ratschlag wäre ich sehr dankbar.
    Grüße Hans Jürgen Maid

    Hans Jürgen Maid

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