Announcement: Video shoot on the cutting behavior of the NIQUA fretsaws

We will soon show you short clips on the cutting behavior of our wood fret saw blades in our shop under the product group "Wood fret saw blades". It should make it easier for you to decide on the right saw blade!


    NIQUA wood jigsaw blades are available in a wide variety of tooth shapes, so you will definitely find the right saw blade for your application with us. 

    For the shoot we worked with a Hegner machine Multicut 2S. But of course, you can also use our fretsaw blades in all other commercially available scrolling machines or in the traditional hand jigsaw bow. You can find a suitable selection under the product group “Accessories for woodworking”. 

    We tried to capture the special features of our various fretsaws using high-tech equipment and are already excited about the result!


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