VicenzaOro March 2022 - a successful jewellery exhibition

Happy with our booth location at VicenzaOro and our new Italian team members! 

125 years of NIQUA®: From Germany to the entire world.


With its SUPER Q® jewellery saw blades, NIQUA® has once again pushed the boundaries. Changes in the production process have made it possible to achieve previously unmatched blade sharpness and set a new standard in the industry.

With a product line ranging from highprecision jewellery fretsaws, milling cutters, beading tools, saw bows, files, pliers and engraving tools to brushes, polishers and matching accessories, NIQUA® offers its customers a comprehensive portfolio that is unique in the industry in terms of its breadth and quality, and reinforces the company‘s position as a world market leader.

Presenting our freshly printed newest edition of tools' catalogues.

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